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Grand Enterprise Initiative provides FREE, CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS COACHING to anyone in Grand County that has a business idea or an established business that they would like to make a reality. Contact us today and begin the journey towards business success.

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Our Enterprise Facilitator, Patrick Brower, provides free and confidential business management coaching to anyone in Grand County. Patrick uses a management coaching method that has contributed to the success of business owners in communities around the globe. Contact Patrick today and begin the journey towards making your business dream a reality.

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The Grand Resource Team provides our Enterprise Facilitator and his clients access to their personal and professional contacts for networking and business development opportunities. These contacts are essential to the success of new and existing entrepreneurs. Contact us to join the Grand Resource Team and change lives by supporting business growth in Grand County.

Grand Enterprise Initiative Celebrates 10 Years

When I first took this job offering business management coaching in Grand County I was told by a business associate that I was on a fool’s errand.

He looked at me with a conspiratorial twist on his lips and a sardonic twitch of his eyebrow. ‘Good luck,’ he said. ‘That’ll be like trying to push a wet noodle up a mountain with your nose.’

That was 10 years ago. And despite the pang of doubt his comment gave me, I am happy to report that the Grand Enterprise Initiative is still going strong in 2022. I’m glad because I know we do good work and because I like the good work we do.  
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