About Us

Building Grand Enterprises

The Grand Enterprise Initiative supports new and existing businesses in Grand County. We provide free and confidential business coaching to anyone that wants to improve their existing business or start a new business.

Get started working with us today and make your business dreams a reality. Contact our Enterprise Facilitator Patrick Brower by phone (970) 531-0632 or email. 

A 501(c) 3 Non-profit

The Grand Enterprise Initiative is now its own stand-alone non-profit. Initially the Initiative operated as a division of KAPOKS, another non-profit based in Grand County. But KAPOKS was dissolved in early 2020 and the Grand Enterprise Initiative was formed into its own, free-standing entity.

The mission is the same: To empower and inspire communities in Grand County to reach their full potential through economic development and promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit.

We accomplish that mission through the implementation of Enterprise Facilitation business coaching. This is a form of community-driven and client-centered economic development that support the growth and sustainability of locally owned and operated businesses.

The Grand Enterprise Initiative is the only Enterprise Facilitation program in Colorado. There are many others around the globe and across the U.S. Enterprise Facilitation is a grass roots economic development program pioneered and developed by Ernesto Sirolli, the founder of the Sirolli Institute. Enterprise Facilitator Patrick Brower has been fully trained in the methodology of Enterprise Facilitation and has been carrying it out in Grand County, Colorado since 2012.

Current & Past Funding Partners

We could not offer our services to new and exisiting business owners throughout Grand County without the support of our funding partners.

Our Team

The Grand Enterprise Initiative is a community driven economic development program that relies on community involvement and participation to be successful. The program provides free and confidential business coaching through a proven successful method called Enterprise Facilitation. The program is composed a three key parts: the Enterprise Facilitator, the management team, and the resource team.

Enterprise Facilitator

Patrick Brower

Patrick Brower is the Enterprise Facilitator for the Grand Enterprise Initiative and has lived in Grand County for most of his adult life. His is passionate about building a strong future for Grand County by supporting local business owners. His role is to support the development of new and existing businesses in the county.

Patrick provides free and confidential business coaching to anyone in Grand County. Please contact Patrick if you live in Grand County and have the desire to start, modify or expand your own business. You can reach Patrick by phone at 970-531-0632 or by email at patrickbrower@kapoks.org.

Management Team, Board of Directors

The management team is also the board of directors for the Grand Enterprise Initiative’s non-profit. The management team is composed of members of the community trained in Enterprise Facilitation methodology. They understand the demands of Patrick's work and are committed to supporting him, his clients and the program. They are tasked with managing the Grand Enterprise Initiative's finances, marketing and operations.

The board of directors and management team is composed of Merrit Linke, board president, and board members Wally Baird, Mike Periolet and Peggy Smith.

Resource Team

The Grand Resource Team is composed of concerned stakeholders that volunteer to support the growth and sustainability of businesses in Grand County.
The Grand Resource Team meets as needed to provide Patrick’s clients access to their personal and professional networks. The goal of the meetings is to connect Patrick’s clients with the necessary contacts in order to achieve business success.

A large and effective network is essential to the success of the Enterprise Facilitation business coaching method. To join the Grand Enterprise Initiative Resource Team please contact us. You can also contact Patrick at (970) 531-0632 or by email at patrickbrower@kapoks.org.