Our Statistics

The visual above highlights some of the key statistics that we monitor:
  • Number of clients: the number of clients working towards their business dreams with support from the Grand Enterprise Initiative.
  • Existing businesses assisted: the number of existing businesses working with the Grand Enterprise Initiative. These businesses may want to expand, change their model or otherwise modify their business workings.
  • New businesses assisted: the number of new businesses developed with the support of the Grand Enterprise Initiative.
  • Jobs created: These are new jobs created through the support of the Grand Enterprise Initiative. These can include jobs as a result of a newly opened business, an expanded business, or a business that avoided closure.

Learn More

Please join us in celebrating the development of new and existing businesses in Grand County, CO. Visit our About page on the website to learn more about what we do. You can also email us to learn more about our work or follow us on Facebook with the link below.

"Please introduce me to someone in your network of friends, family or colleagues. Call, email, or fill out the form below to set up an introduction.

Introductions are how we spread the word about our free and confidential services to existing or potential business owners in Grand County."

- Patrick Brower, Grand County Free and Confidential Business Coach