Granby Bait ‘N Tackle

Granby, Colorado
Mike Ivy, Owner
“I approached Patrick Brower with the Grand Enterprise Initiative in late 2011 about starting a tackle and outdoor product shop in Granby,” Ivy says. “We discussed the principles of management and even the possibility of buying an existing shop in Granby. But we ended up opening our own store.

“It has succeeded, even to the point where I was able to buy real estate at a new location in Granby, at which point my business ventures expanded from owning and operating a bait and tackle shop to real estate investor and landlord. WE also conduct guiding operations out of our store.”

He says since he opened he has helped to add five new jobs to the local economy, which includes guides working for him and help in his shop.

“Patrick’s guidance in almost all of these aspects of my business ventures has helped them to succeed and thrive for going on 10 years now.”

Never Summer Brewing Company

Granby, Colorado
Kirk Main, Owner
“I originally contacted Patrick Brower with the Grand Enterprise when I was trying to operate a store that sold beer brewing kits and accessories. That was in the fall of 2011. When that venture wasn’t panning out we discussed a new but related venture for the Granby area: a small brewery.”

“We took on a variety of planning and management efforts while I worked another full-time job to get the brewery open. We got it open and it has been a success ever since.”

As the only craft brewery in Granby, we are able to serve a growing visitor and local client base. There have been times when meeting demand has been a challenge.”

We are now actively pondering together options for a new location to help accommodate anticipated growth in this market.

“His work has helped to create on new job, my job, and occasionally I have hired people help with operations here at my small brewery.”

Mountain Shire Books and Gifts

Winter Park, Colorado
Miriam Roskam, Owner
“I contacted Patrick Brower with the Grand Enterprise Initiative when I was in the early planning stages for what I hoped would be a new bookstore in Grand County. There was no bookstore in the county at that time.

“With his assistance I was able to explore loans and grants to help my venture get started, and he also helped with considering the location for my store. We eventually settled on Cooper Creek Square in Winter Park, where the store has thrived for the last two years.

“We have added two new jobs to the local economy and have been able to provide a service and a store to meet the demands of our local and tourist population.”

San Util Design, LLC

Winter Park, Colorado
Adam Nicholson, Owner
“I had already started my business, San Util Design, before contacting Patrick Brower with the Grand Enterprise Initiative. He has helped us to expand.

“We design and build hand-made biking accessories such as tool kit bags and bike gear bags. We are expanding to a winter backpack this season. As I was considering expansion and refinement of my ventures overall business model, I contacted Patrick.”

“Ultimately we settled on a location on main street in Winter Park that has greatly expanded our visibility and has upped our direct retail sales. Prior to this move, which we made in early summer of 2023, we were concentrating on mainly on-line sales with some wholesaling to local stores. We continue to offer the on-line platform and have added to it with a more robust retail sale category. This has helped our venture to grow. We are now up to three employees, and myself.”

“With Patrick’s assistance we are positioning our operation to be eligible for loans and financing in about a year to push our production to a higher level for on-line and local sales.”

South + West Charcuterie, Wine, Catering and Events

Winter Park, Colorado
Rachel Thackston, Owner
“We originally reached out to Patrick and the Grand Enterprise Initiative with the concept for a new charcuteries, wine and events business before COVID. He helped us refine our ideas through a basic business plan and understanding of the market. But then COVID hit.

“But this year we were able to secure a location in Winter Park and we opened South + West, our charcuterie, wine and events business. He assisted us with planning again, he worked with our business planning manager and we worked together on landlord tenant issues as well.

“Now we are up and running and we really appreciated the help Patrick gave us. We still consult with him when needed. We’ve added three new jobs to the local economy and we are busy.”