Grand Resource Team

Support business growth in Grand County

The Grand Resource Team is composed of concerned stakeholders that volunteer to support the growth of the business community in Grand County.

The Team provides Patrick’s clients access to their personal and professional networks. The goal of the meetings is to connect Patrick's clients with contacts that will help them to achieve business success. You and your contacts could help to create new businesses in Grand County.

The Grand Resource Team meets every third Wednesday of the month in the Granby Town Hall at 6:30pm. We value our Resource Team members' time so we meet for no more than 90 minutes.

During the meetings Patrick will discuss his clients and their businesses. Meeting activities are therefore strictly confidential. Resource Team members will be required to participate in a Resource Team training and sign a confidentiality agreement prior to their first meeting.

A large and effective network is essential to the success of the Enterprise Facilitation business coaching method. To join the Grand Enterprise Initiative Resource Team please contact us. You can also contact Patrick at (970) 531-0632 or email patrickbrower@kapoks.org.

Spread the Word

Perform an introduction

Even if you do not want to participate in the Grand Resource Board you could be of great help to the Grand Enterprise Initiative and possibly help someone you know start a business. Introduce Patrick to someone you know!

Word of mouth marketing is the single best way to connect existing or potential business owners to free and confidential business coaching. Please help us to connect Patrick Brower, the Grand Enterprise Initiative Enterprise Facilitator to your friends. Contact Patrick today and introduce him to your colleagues, friends, and family. He is looking forward to your call!
Introductions can be short and need only take five to ten minutes. These introductions could be the catalyst for a new business in Grand County. You never know who has a viable business idea that's waiting to become a reality. Perhaps you will be responsible for helping a friend transform their idea into a successful business. Please call Patrick at (970) 531-0632 or email patrickbrower@kapoks.org