Troublesome Tomahawks, High Country Firearms opens doors in Granby

A new entertainment option for Granby, combined with a new firearms store and firearms training center, has opened its doors in Granby.

Troublesome Tomahawks and High Mountain Firearms are officially open for business in the Pine Cone Plaza, three doors east of Java Lava in Unit D2. A grand opening celebration for the new enterprise is set for Friday night, Oct. 28, just in time for the Trick or Treat main street event.

Owners Seth Stern and his partner Jo Pfaff had a soft opening at the business two weeks ago and are now operating, hoping to soon be serving beer and wine if the current application is approved.

Why a tomahawk- and knife-throwing enterprise?

“They are popping up all over the state and region,” Stern said. “And the more we looked into it the more we discovered that it was growing in popularity and growing as an activity.”
Stern, who was born and raised in Granby, where he also went to high school, has been conducting conceal carry classes in the Grand County area for six years from his base in the Northern Front Range. He had a 10-year career in the U.S. Air Force before attending college in Fort Collins.

He felt that now was the time for him to come back to Granby, where he enjoys the small-town feel and the opportunity to be in business.

He and Pfaff felt there was a gap in the local market for things to do. It was that simple
“There’s really nothing for people to do here at night,” Stern said. “When it’s after skiing in the winter and after the sun goes down in summer, it’s pretty darn quiet. We felt this business could provide a diversion.”

He noted that with the closure of the bowling alley in Grand Lake, lively indoor activity options dwindled. And then there was the closure of the Budget Tackle firearms operation. With that closure, Stern decided there was an opening in the market.

How does it work, this tomahawk or axe-throwing?

“I had one customer describe it as darts for men,” Stern said with a laugh. “Women are also really good at tomahawk throwing too,” he added.

Basically, ax throwers line up 12 feet from a special cottonwood-backed wall where a bullseye has been painted. Points are accrued by the throwing based on how close to the bullseye the throw has landed. There’s even a bonus spot at the top of the target for extra points.

There are three lanes for throwing and each lane can accommodate up to 12 people. Throwing axes are offered on site that people can use. Tomahawks or axes can also be purchased on site.

“It’s really fun,” Stern said. “People get to throwing just for the fun of it and then, before you know it, they’re getting competitive and accurate.”

Stern says that in a few months they’ll be testing the market in the venue to see if there’s an opportunity to start league play. They also plan to make their facility available for special events, birthday parties and corporate gatherings.

Stern said he felt there was also a need for a federally licensed firearms store in the area, especially after the closure of Budget Tackle in Granby.

“We’re doing retail firearms sales,” he said. “Our displays are going up soon. We are also licensed for suppressors and short barrels.”

And soon he will be building armalite rifles.

Stern has been conducting concealed carry firearms classes in the county for six years and from that educational platform he can now offer, in his facility, a dedicated classroom for dry-fire handling classes.

With a federal firearms license, Stern can also receive and ship firearms.

“We’re here to make sure you get the equipment and service people need for hunting or recreational shooting, as well as training,” he said.

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